Peachtree Corners Rhonda Levan Real Estate Senior Relocation SpecialistAre you at or close to age 55? You may be surprised to learn that you are nearing, or fall into, the “senior” category! 

That’s because the senior category can start as early as age 50 for many discounts, 62 for drawing Social Security benefits, 65 for receiving Medicare and using certain retirement instruments, or even 70 for some pension and retirement benefits.

Most people at those ages reject the senior label because they lead active lives and don’t feel old. 

Since the term senior encompasses such a large, active segment of our society, it doesn’t mean old. It’s simply an age at which benefits may be accessed or planning for and implementing life transitions begin to happen.

Where real estate is concerned some of the diverse people who fall into the “senior” category include:

  • Empty nesters and those nearing that stage;
  • Retirees and those nearing retirement;
  • Adults aged 55+ seeking communities with activities and amenities designed to appeal to their age group;
  • Older adults seeking residences with medical or physical support systems to meet a variety of needs.

I’m sensitive to the challenges that accompany parting with the homes in which my clients have raised their children, achieved important accomplishments, celebrated holidays and significant milestones. Lots of memories, emotions, and precious belongings are dealt with at these times.

I’ve worked with many clients in each of those categories to help them take the next life steps to suit their unique desires and situations.

Empty Nesters

When the kids have emptied your nest maintaining a large, family home and yard can keep you from fully enjoying your newly-acquired leisure time. Moving to a different space, like a lake or mountain home—or even downsizing to a smaller space—may better suit your current goals.

I specialize in helping empty nesters find just the right size and type of property to fit their lifestyles.

Aged 55+ Active Adults

Some who enter this age group prefer to live among generationally-alike others because it makes meeting new friends easier. Age-restricted, active adult communities can offer a wide variety of activities, services, and amenities to provide residents with a full and busy lifestyle.

If this kind of living interests you, I’d love to assist you—as I’ve assisted other clients—in making your move happen.

Older Seniors

Unique challenges present us at every stage of life. Older, or more “experienced,” seniors can be presented with new circumstances that require a change of residence. I’ve helped many clients to settle themselves and their loved ones into the right living situations to meet their particular needs, including:

  • Homes with a Master or Guest bedroom on the main level;
  • Independent Living Senior Communities;
  • Continuing Care Retirement Homes;
  • Assisted Living With Specialized Care for Memory Loss and other Conditions.

I can also recommend trusted people who are: specialized senior consultants, contractors, organizers, experienced with low-stress estate sales, movers, etc.

When you decide to transition to your next ideal home I’d love to help you, or your loved ones, make that process as easy as possible! Contact me so we can make your next, great move together.