Maximize Your Profit With Pre-Sale Tips

Do you want to sell your home? If so, you probably want to get the best possible sales price for it. To maximize your profit it’s helpful to understand the difference between preparing a home to live in and preparing a home for sale. Even the most up-to-date and beautiful home will require some work and mental preparation to make it market ready.

Mass Appeal

Most of us love our homes! They reflect our lifestyles and personalities. And whether you’ve occupied the property for a few years or have lived a generation there you’ve filled it with things that make you happy. In other words, you’ve personalized it to your style and needs. That’s what makes it home.

But what home means to you is going to be different than what home means to others. Sales is a numbers game. Products that appeal to the widest number of people will have the most potential buyers. Think of your property as a product, and stage it accordingly. My complimentary staging service helps my clients to stage their homes for optimal appeal. 

Peachtree Corners home staging

Simplicity Sells

Most buyers want turnkey homes that they can move right into with minimal work. Making your home fresh, clean, and clutter-free gives it a move-in ready feel. I love vibrant accent walls and window treatments—in decorating magazines! But neutrality reigns when a house is on the market.

Buyers are drawn to homes with neutral colored walls, counter tops, and flooring. Selecting one such color and keeping it consistent throughout the home makes it easy for buyers to imagine their belongings in it. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and reinvigorate worn wooden flooring with some off-the shelf products. Neutral, clean, carpet sells because it looks brand new. Have carpeting cleaned or replace it with builders’ grade.

Clear Out Your Closets (and your cupboards, too!)

Most home showings last between 20-30 minutes. That’s how much time you have to make a favorable impression on buyers. Busy home decor can give buyers’ eyes too much stimuli to sort through. It slows the viewing process down and causes buyers to focus on your belongings rather than on the fabulous features of your property. Clutter on shelves, in closets, on furnishings, and in cabinets make your spaces look small. It may be hard to pack away (or give away) much loved and used items. But less is definitely more in the staging game. 


Well-chosen accents will add color and warmth to your de-cluttered spaces. Pillows, and throws can add zip to your sofas, chairs, and beds. Functional kitchen appliances should be replaced on countertops with decorative items that give them a clean and appealing feel. Remove framed personal photos from tables, chests, and walls in favor of candles and decorative elements. Choose a few, large pieces of wall art over smaller groupings.

Don’t Forget Your Exterior

Apply the guidelines for your interior to your patio, sidewalks, pathways, and yard. Neat landscapes are just as important as neat rooms. Keep your grass and ornamentals nicely trimmed. Make sure that your plantings are well mulched. Add some annual flowers for color, if necessary, and remove overgrown or overly busy plants in crowded areas. Today’s buyers want to see pretty, but low-maintenance yards and exterior entertaining areas.

Contact me for a pre-sale consult. I’d love to help you sell your home for maximum profit!